July 19th 2019 Storm cleanup

Monday Aug 11th , Milltown Township entered into contract with Nick’s Trucking to clean up the Milltown streets R/W. Work will likely begin immediately after Labor Day. Township Public work employees have already begun moving some of the too large logs [for the chipper] from Breezy bay Rd.

The Township has applied for FEMA funds, but there are “rules”. These funds apply to public property, not private. Most folks have moved their debris to the R/W, so should be collected with no problem. There are several ‘private’ streets, two that I know of (SE end of 124 th St., and NW end of Oscar Ln.) are not eligible for FEMA cleanup. Nick’s Trucking will clean up separately, not part of this contract , please contact him to make arrangements.

The Township needs to provide some sort of matching funds, which can consist of volunteer labor. Again most of us have spent a lot of time cleaning up, just to be able to access our properties. This time is valuable in terms of volunteer labor. At this time I do not know how to count, document, or report this to the Township. I will find out and add it to this sheet later.


John N Weber,

Chair, HML Board