2018 Ice Out - May 4th

Ice is officially out on Half Moon on Friday May 4th (May the fourth be with you.) . 

Docks at the Half Moon beach and landing will be going in today.  

Photo taken by Rick Miller from the south end, looking north.  Night before Ice Out, May 3rd.



Polk Burnett Coop Elections

I just got an e-mail to vote on-line for our Polk Burnett Coop Board of
Directors representative.

If you are upset about paying $38 / month for a base charge when NW
Electric charges $8 / month for exactly the same service, please write
in Les Novak on the on-line ballot.

Unfortunately, the Polk Burnett bylaws prohibit members from running for
the board who are not full time residents in WI, so the 40% of the
membership who are seasonal cabin owners have no representation on the
board. This is the root cause of why the rate structure is so heavily
biased against cabin owners.

Please vote and make your displeasure known!

Mike Schumann
651-208-3791 (cell)

Launch Damage due to Ice Out

The good news is the ice is out-the bad news is that it damaged the landing at the beach. Our maintenance guys have tried to repair the landing as much as possible but I've received a few calls from people who have launched boats that have shared that it is very difficult to use the landing. Part of the issue is that the Township needs to work with the DNR for any work done past the high water mark. I have contacted the DNR and we have began that process but it looks like this spring will be a difficult one for launching boats. Anyone using the launch assumes any risks associated with that use so please use caution when launching. We will continue temporary repairs until we can implement a plan for the launch. Thank you for your patience!

Harlen Hegdal - Milltown Town Chair

UPDATE 5/29/17

As you may have noticed, the landing has been temporarily fixed.  A long term solution is yet to be determined.