Launch Damage due to Ice Out

The good news is the ice is out-the bad news is that it damaged the landing at the beach. Our maintenance guys have tried to repair the landing as much as possible but I've received a few calls from people who have launched boats that have shared that it is very difficult to use the landing. Part of the issue is that the Township needs to work with the DNR for any work done past the high water mark. I have contacted the DNR and we have began that process but it looks like this spring will be a difficult one for launching boats. Anyone using the launch assumes any risks associated with that use so please use caution when launching. We will continue temporary repairs until we can implement a plan for the launch. Thank you for your patience!

Harlen Hegdal - Milltown Town Chair

UPDATE 5/29/17

As you may have noticed, the landing has been temporarily fixed.  A long term solution is yet to be determined.